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Smart Safety, Security and Surveillance

Smart Safety, Security and Surveillance

Security is one of the prime concerns of any human being and a city’s development is dependent on the well-being of its inhabitants. Security and surveillance play a key role in ensuring the prosperity of citizens. The various sub-areas of security and surveillance include (but not limited to) home security, medical emergency, accident and first fast SOS, city transport, security of women and children, tourist support, etc.

Tentative Problem Statement

  • Women Safety
  • Children Safety
  • SOS Alert System
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart traffic management
  • Environmental Stress Warning System
  • Mobile Pollution Monitors
  • Structural Alerts
  • Disaster Management
  • Home security Systems
  • Accidental Alerts
  • Accident Alert
  • And Many More…

About Hackathon

On the occasion of 30th Foundation Day of GNIDA, The Event which bought together students from across 30 different colleges and universities from states of the country with an aim to ideate and create innovative solutions for some critical issues faced by the people of Greater Noida

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